A Few of Our Athletes

Our Athletes

Sam Darnold- NC Panthers (Football)

“ I’ve been training with John Bradley in the LAB since the 6th grade. It has helped me bounce back from major injuries and as prevented many other possible injuries as well. He has truly molded me into the athlete I am today by not only training me but also by stressing the importance of flexibility and core in sports, which has had a huge impact on my ability to perform at my peak athletic performance.”

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Kevin Murphy – Minnesota Vikings

“I’ve trained with John Bradley for the past 9 years and definitley attribute a lot of my success as a football player to his help and friendship. John is an amazing trainer who is unparalled in applying his knowledge of training principles and workout regimes to sport specific programs per any athlete. John takes the time to assure that not only is an athlete receiving the proper training for his or her sport, but makes sure that the athlete is going to put his or her best foot forward when it comes to competing on the field of training. But the strongest characteristics of John is his absolute dedication to the athletes he trains. You can see it every time you step into the LAB;the names and pictures of all the athletes he has trained is a true testament to how much pride he takes in everyone he trains. Whether you are a professional athlete or a little kid who hasn’t even tied up his or her cleats for the first time, John will make sure that you feel at home and comfortable in a training environment, as well as pushing you to be the best athlete you can be.”

Erin Yoder- USC (Volleyball)

“ I trained with John Bradley and the LAB for 6 years in high school and throughout my collegiate career! It helped me to reach my goal of being a division 1 volleyball player at usc as well as to create a lifetime habit of health and physical activity!”

Fernando Delgado- Villanova (Lacrosse)

“I’ve trained with John Bradley and the LAB for 8 years and it’s helped me become the best athlete I can be. I wouldn’t have fulfilled my dream of playing division 1 lacrosse at Villanova University without him. Much thanks to John and the lab for building me into the athlete that I am.”

Hanna Khan - Academy of Arts Univ San Francisco (Volleyball)

“I’ve trained with John Bradley and the LAB for four years and it has helped me become a better player by being more physically fit and enhancing my Volleyball skills. Being a college athlete has been a step up but with the training I’ve been able to excel in my sport.”

Kyle Murphy-Stanford University (Football, Captain, Left Tackle)

“I have trained with John Bradley and the LAB since the 8th grade. It has taken me to the next level to improve my strength, power, and explosion. John and the LAB are a major reason I am the athlete I am today!! His mentorship and overall training methods over the past 9 years have given me the mental/physical tools to succeed at the next level.”

Travis Wilson- University of Utah (Football)

“Training at the LAB has helped me stand out from the rest of the athletes and it helped me grow in strength and speed, as well as get me a foot ahead of everybody else!”

Alana Lucas- Academy Of Arts Univ San Francisco

“I’ve trained with John Bradley and the LAB for 3 ½ years and its helped me get stronger so that i can be better at volleyball and prevent injuries. It helped me excel a lot with my college training because I knew all the excercises and John helped me prepare for the tests I had to do.”

Jake Russle – USC (Football)

“The LAB has given me all the tools to improve myself as an athlete.My increased strength, quickness, an ovberall knowledge of how my body performs has allowed me to excel. When I first started training with John I was in 7th grade, I would have never thought that I would be playing at the level I am today. I want to thank John and everyone else involved in the LAB for showing me how to work hard and to chase my dreams! FIGHT ON!!”

Mia Feiner – University Of The Pacific (Volleyball)

“I’ve trained with John Bradley and the LAB for my whole high school volleyball career and it got me to the next level, in my athleticism and my playing, which helped earn me a scholarship to a division 1 university.”

Nick Crankshaw – Westmont College (Basketball)

“I’ve been training with John Bradley at the LAB since I was in 6th grade, and it’s helped me become more explosive and stronger athlete so I can perform on the court.”

Franki Darnold – University of Rhode Island (Volleyball)

“I’ve trained with John Bradley at the LAB for 8 years and he’s had a huge impact in helping me reach my goal of playing division 1 volleyball.”

Tatum Harvey-USC Volleyball

“I’ve trained with John Bradley and the LAB throughout my high school career and he has helped me through it all. He cares about all of his athlete’s and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his training.”